Strawberries Australia


The strawberry industry first developed a national R&D plan in 1993, funded by the Australian Berryfruit Growers’ Federation and the former Horticultural Research & Development Corporation (HRDC). The industry was successful in raising a national R&D levy, which commenced in April 1997. Strawberries Australia Incorporated was formed, as a confederation of regional strawberry associations, and is the peak industry body that works with the newly formed Horticulture Australia Ltd to advise on, and implement, R&D programs.

In line with Horticulture Australia Limited guidelines, the Strawberry Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) was established as a new advisory group, with responsibility for:

  • Developing a five year investment plan;
  • Developing the annual operating plan; and
  • Reporting to levy payers on outcomes from the investment of both R&D and marketing levies.

The industry Strategic Plan for 2004-2008 was the result of a comprehensive planning process, which was undertaken by the industry under the auspices of Strawberries Australia Inc, its IAC, and HAL.

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