Strawberries Australia

Projects prior to 2007

The following Horticulture Australia Ltd Projects are funded and supported by Strawberries Australia:


BS07004 Minor Use Chemicals - waiting approval to then proceed through the HAL process.

BS06002 Alternative fruit fly treatment for interstate market access

MT06022 Generation of Dimethoate and fenthion in residue samples.

BS04004 Molecular diagnostics for the detection of strawberry viruses. Finalised and report available (see Horticulture Australia Website).

BS05001 Facilitating the development of theStrawberry industry in WA.

BS06006 Environmental effects on flavour development in Australian varieties.

BS06021 Development of a framework for a best practice breeding chain.

BS07009 National Best Practice Strawberry Breeding Program.

BS06005 Improving runner quality and production in strawberry. This project focuses on developing strategies to increase production perunit area and decrease growing and picking costs. The key research areas in the new project include efforts to improve runner quality (in terms of plant size andaccumulated chilling) and reduce the incidence of strawberry lethal yellows (SLY) and Collectotrichum (Cg) crown rot.

BS06009 Assisting the development of the Queensland strawberry industry.

BS06010 Communicating the technology transfer for the Victorian Strawberry Industry.

BS06028 Increasing the shelf life of Australian Strawberries.

BS06030 QPOD Delivery System trials.

BS07015 Benefits for Strawberry Industries from import of high health new strawberry cultivars.

BS06001 Late autumn winter spring strawberriesfor profit and consumption.

BS04009 Breaking the critical-usebarriers. The final report for thisproject was due 31st December 2007, with a VC from HortResearch to be received as well.

BS06003 National Strawberry Breeding Program -spring summer autumn.

BS06029 Development and design of a soil lessproduction system for production of strawberry runners.

BS03008 5th ISHS InternationalStrawberry Symposium Coolum, QLD. Project completed.

BS07005 International Strawberry SymposiumSpain 2008. This project was actioned inFebruary/March 2008 and a final report is being drafted.

BS05002 Improved strawberry postharvest handling in Australia with new technology(CALM). The final report for this project was due 31st December 2007, however, there have been delays withmilestone reports and as such the budget for 07/08 includes carry over from previous years.

Strawberries Australia and Horticulture Australia Partnership Agreement an ongoing Project which will be renegotiated during July/August 2008.